You need to set up your personal laptop or desktop to do the exercises and in-class activities. It's important to find out as early as possible if there are any issues with any of the various bits of third-party software on your particular machine.

The following tasks have due dates in Canvas. Don't let these slide! Some people do them all at once, way ahead of time. That's perfectly fine. Just tell me as soon as you finish one.

The Code Critic is not used for these.

If you run into trouble, post to Campuswire.

Register on Campuswire

Campuswire is where all general questions about the course, Lisp, JavaScript, AI, etc, are asked and answered. If you email a question that belongs on Campuswire, I will tell you to post it there to get an answer that everyone can see.

I expect all students to be aware of any announcement posted to Campuswire within half a day. Be sure you have set notifications from Campuswire to inform you within 6 hours.

Set up the CS 325 Lisp environment

This task involves installing Common Lisp, and two required tools: a unit tester that tests the correctness of your solutions, and the Lisp Critic, that looks for bad programming patterns. The Lisp Critic works for all code, whether there are unit tests or not.

Submitted code that has not passed both tools will be returned unreviewed.

Follow these instructions to set up Lisp on your machine for this class.

Install the JavaScript Tester

Most of the AI programming ideas in this course can be implemented in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, or other modern languages with good functional programming support. To help you learn how to do that and add symbolic AI to your code, a number of exercises are in JavaScript.

To test your JavaScript solutions, you need to download the CS325 JavaScript Exercise Tester. Instructions are on the Github code repository.

After installing, follow the instructions for fixing and testing the solution for the first Warmup exercise. Verify that the fixed function passes the tests.

Faculty: Chris Riesbeck
Time: MWF: 4:00pm - 4:50pm
Location: Tech LR 2


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