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Most announcements will be made on the EECS 311 newsgroup. Check it daily (at least) for questions and answers about assignments, things to bring to class, what to read, etc.

The Code Critic is here. (Blackboard log in required). If the Critic seems to be down, please email me and post a note to the newsgroup so other students know, or can say "works for me."

This page is primarily for things with links to updated pages or external sites mentioned in class.

Midterm + homework grades are up. See here for how to interpret.

Midterm grades are up, as is the midterm and the midterm with answers.


Added some brief informal notes on space complexity.


If you are reading news with Thunderbird, and can't see the Fall 2009 messages in cs.311, you need to rebuild the news account. Just remove the account from Thunderbird, and make a new one. It can have the same name as the old one. Then subscribe to cs.311 and you should be all set.


Welcome to EECS 311, Fall, 2009. Our first class meeting is Wednesday, 09/23/2009, 4:00pm in Tech M164.

A draft of the first assignment has been put up on the homework page.

H1N1 note:The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise that anyone who is experiencing flu-like symptoms should immediately isolate themselves in order to prevent spreading the illness to others. I.e., don't come to class.

If this happens to you, email me immediately to let me know. Do not go to the Northwestern Health Service to get a "doctor's note." They don't provide them, and the CDC is advising people who have such symptoms not to go the doctor's office unless absolutely necessary.

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