Event Schedule

This is the planned sequence of topics and deadlines. It will no doubt change somewhat as the class progresses.

09/23/09 Math and C++ Review, Algorithm Analysis Chapters 1 and 2,
Notes on Weiss, Chapter 2 (Powerpoint)
09/28/09 ADTS: Lists, Stacks, Queues Chapter 3,
STL Container Overview,
STL Iterators
STL Algorithms
fixed versions of Weiss' Vector and List code
10/05/09 Trees: AVL, Red-black, Splay, B-Trees Chapter 4, Section 12.2
Tree overview,
Balanced search tree comparison,
Red-black tree notes,
Notes on Weiss, Chapter 4 (Powerpoint)
10/12/09 Hashing Chapter 5,
Hashtable notes,
Simple code using a hashtable-based map
10/19/09 Priority Queues Sections 6.1-4, binary heap notes
Notes on Weiss, Chapter 6 (Powerpoint)
Midterm: Wednesday 10/21/09
10/26/06 Sorting Chapter 7 (skip 7.4.1) Friday: last day to drop courses
11/02/09 Disjoint Sets, Graphs Chapters 8, 9 (skip 9.4)
Notes on Weiss, Chapter 8 (Powerpoint),
Graphs overview,
Chapter 10.3.4 (Floyd's algorithm)
11/09/09 Graphs, Dynamic Programming Chapter 9, Chapter 10.3,
Notes on Weiss, Chapter 9 (Powerpoint),
Dynamic Programming Resources
11/16/09 Algorithm Design Chapter 10
11/23/09 TBD   Thanksgiving Holiday: No class Friday
11/30/09 Wrap up and review    
12/07/09 Exam week   Final Exam: Thursday, December 10, 3:00-5:00pm, classroom

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