The class newsgroup is cs.311 at Depending on your browser and newsreader configuration, the URL news:cs.311 may take you directly there.

All announcements for the class will be posted there. Major announcements (deadlines, new homework, etc.) will also be posted on this website.

Use the newsgroup to post questions on the material or assignments, and to answer posted questions. You may also post solutions to problems from the textbook (as long as they are not part of homework). You should never post answers to homework. Interesting links that are relevant to the class may also be posted; just try to keep all discussion on topic.

Posting to the newsgroup rather than emailing the staff will often get you an answer much faster.

If you need help on an error message, then you should post the exact error message and the line of code where it occurred. Even better, try to write a small program that replicates the error, and post that.

If you don't know how to read newsgroups, see these instructions from EECS 325. The only difference is that you want to subscribe to cs.311.

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