Travis CI set up notes -- how to set up the Travis Continuous Integration server for building React apps and deploying to Firebase
Learn React Task -- a personal activity to help everyone learn (or practice) building React apps the modern way
Quick, React! -- a tutorial on modern React. Post questions, bugs, requests, et al. on Piazza.
First Demo Task -- due Tuesday
Team React Setup Task and Four-Panel Storyboard Task -- What each team needs to have done before the second class!
Day One Task -- What each team needs to be ready to present on the first class!


TTh 11am - 12:20am


Tech A110


Chris Riesbeck


Team React Setup Task

React and React Native with Expo are the development platforms this quarter. React and Expo let you develop web and mobile apps, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with reasonable support for automated testing. React's popularity means that there's a lot of documentation online, and answers to common problems on StackOverlow.

These technologies continue to change rapidly. Don't trust the specific details in any tutorial or documentation more than a year old. Major changes to Expo happened in August 2018.

For this task, every team member needs to set up Node, npm, and React on their development machine. Then the team, together, creates a shared sample app in this quarter's 394 Github organization. Follow these instructions to set up the create-react-app CLI (command line interface) tool. To avoid repo conflicts, teams should agree on whether they will used npm or yarn. npm is more mature, and has recently caught up to the speed and features of yarn.

Don't worry if you are new to Node and npm, but if you are new to JavaScript, especially EcmaScript 2015 (also known as ES6), start studying now! I recommend Modern JavaScript as a reasonably up to date resource for JavaScript.

When every team member has React working, do the following to make sure everyone can work on a common repository, and see their contributions count.

When the above is done, check that the following things are true:

Whatever happens, every team member should enter their setup data report on the framework setup report spreadsheet. The link is on the Canvas assignment page.

This task should take just an hour or so, but may take longer if there are network or permissions issues. Get help from your teammates!

If there's a problem the team can't figure out, post to Piazza. Be specific about OS, if it's a problem with an individual machine. Give the Github URL if it's a repo problem. Avoid posting screenshots.