First Demo Task -- how to demo the first slice of your app
Team Repo Setup Task -- how to setup a 394 team repo
Four-Panel Storyboard Task -- What each team needs to have done before the second class!
Day One Task -- What each team needs to be ready to present on the first class!
Learn React Task -- a tutorial with coding challenges on modern React apps
Quick, React! -- a tutorial with code on modern React. Post questions, bugs, requests, et al. on Piazza.


TTh 11am - 12:20am




Chris Riesbeck


These are the slides used in the lectures. They complement the book and other resources but do not replace them.

The more recent HTML-based slides use Hakim El Hattab's HTML slide template. They should work on most devices. Let me know if you have a problem with them.

Spring 2020 Slides

These are slides that I have reviewed and updated, as necessary, for the current quarter.

Winter 2020 Slides

These are slides from a previous quarter that have not yet been reviewed and/or updated for the current quarter.

Older Slides