First Demo Task -- how to demo the first slice of your app
Team Repo Setup Task -- how to setup a 394 team repo
Four-Panel Storyboard Task -- What each team needs to have done before the second class!
Day One Task -- What each team needs to be ready to present on the first class!
Learn React Task -- a tutorial with coding challenges on modern React apps
Quick, React! -- a tutorial with code on modern React. Post questions, bugs, requests, et al. on Piazza.


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Chris Riesbeck


Day One

Yikes! Five weeks to get your first project done. And your first demo is next week! Thank goodness for agile methods!

Task 1: Sign up on Piazza

Piazza is where I post most announcements, task updates, and interesting links, and students post requests for help, answers to requests for help, and whatever else seems relevant.

Use the sign up link on the right to, um, sign up. While there, click the Settings gear to set your notifications. I expect everyone to see any Piazza posting within 6 hours.

Task 2: Github data

Immediately, if not sooner, enter your github user name in the appropriate cell of the Team Data spreadsheet. The link is on the Canvas assignment page. I need that to form teams on Github under the CS 394 github organization.

The team spreadsheet is where you will find the Northwestern email addresses of the other members of your team.

If there are errors on the spreadsheet, contact me. The data came directly from Caesar.

For access to all shared Google documents, see these notes. Do not request access from a non-Northwestern Google account.

Task 3: Three Pitches

Your team's first task is to come up with three distinct ideas for a mobile web app. Each idea should be simple, useful (or fun) and new. Put these three ideas on the slide for your team in the Three Pitches Google Presentation. The link is on the Canvas assignment page. This is due an hour before class.

All the obvious apps have been built. Don't do yet another site to borrow books and tools. You're going to need to focus on some subgroup of users--that you can get for testers--with some unmet need. This calls for serious brainstorming as your first team effort.

Contact your team mates and arrange a group meeting, physical or virtual. Everyone's email addresses are on the Team Data spreadsheet.

On Day One of class, you will

  1. present your Three Pitches
  2. pick your product and get to work!


Prepare for the presentation:

Questions? Ask your team mates. Still unclear? Post questions on Piazza.

Want to know what comes next? See How to Release in a Week for clues.